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At Cedar Mountain Connex, we understand the need for broadband connections that are fast and reliable. We use wireless broadband technology to solve these problems, whether its SD-WAN, cellular, fixed wireless, or satellite.

Cedar Mountain Connex can deliver fast and reliable connections to the Internet which provide access to modern, cloud-based, cost effective applications for small businesses, farms, schools, or events in rural communities.

Cedar Mountain Connex has over 150 technology partners and a nationwide technical support & installation team to meet every need for wireless connections to the Internet, and cost effective access to data centers for cloud-based business services.


Wireless connection to the Internet, some might say is ubiquitous. Cell phones have been wireless for two decades. And with the advent of the Smartphone, connection to the Internet has become more accessible. But for connection to the Internet, it’s not so true in rural communities.

Small businesses in rural communities need a reliable connection, with backup, to the Internet to take advantage of cost saving automation afforded by cloud-based business applications.

Rural community events at fairgrounds and open fields need connections to the Internet because they have now become bazaars of e-Commerce, selling all kinds of goods from cookies to saddles.

Farms in rural communities need multiple connection paths to the Internet to take advantage of technological advances in precision agriculture. Or connection to online manufacturer’s documents for equipment repairs in the field.

Schools in rural communities need connection to the Internet because more curriculum in moving to online classrooms and computer based learning.

To participate in today’s global economy, get the benefits from technological advances, remain competitive and profitable businesses, farms, schools, and social gatherings in rural communities all need reliable connection to the Internet.

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