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Portable WiFi Solutions for Outdoor

or Pop-Up Events.

Outdoor events can be in a field or a parking lot. They can include entertainment, eCommerce, or both. Being able to set-up and operate quickly and instant access to your applications. Portable solutions that use cellular routers can provide local WiFi instantly wherever cellular service exists, or backed up with satellite if it doesn’t.

Viasat community Wi-Fi hotspot

Portable Cellular Broadband from

Plum Laboratories

Event organizers are looking for ways to reach more audiences, enhance the experience for those in attendance, and provide greater value for sponsors. Whether it is a major sporting event or local concert, the event can be enriched through connectivity both at the event and streaming it live. Cedar Mountain Connex makes this happen with high-speed cellular Internet service that can be set up in any location and managed Wi-Fi to extend the onsite connection. Now, the event can run more efficiently with electronic tickets; sponsors and vendors have access to more easily promote and sell their products; and attendees can share the event through social media.